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CAMERICH Showcases Unique Products in Milan

MILAN – This April, the long-expected 2016 International Furniture Fair finally opened in Milan, presenting eye-opening creativity and innovation. Furniture manufacturers and designers from around the world have brought their best products, along with their delight and passion for life. By teaming up with designers Ju Bin and Derek Chen, China's top furniture brand CAMERICH delighted visitors with its MATE sofa and HONEY leisure chair.

CAMERICH Showcases Unique Products in Milan
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It is often said that design is a journey of the mind intended for exciting discoveries in life. In fact, each design is a process that starts with painstaking exploration and ends with delightful achievements. For CAMERICH, however, all these are rooted in delight – a feeling that brings out the inner beauty of every product and drives more discoveries and creativities.  
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With long metal legs, dynamic curves, a unique surface and ergonomic design of the seat back, MATE is a perfect combination of stylish shape with an inspiring theme – the longing for and commitment to "staying together for a life time" between lovers, interpreted with abstract design languages.
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"In order to accurately express the unique theme of MATE, we tried repeatedly during the initial stage of our production. Eventually, we invented an approach for seamless tailoring with an entire piece of leather. The metal framework adds a sophisticated, modern touch, while the high-density sponge inside highlights the slim, light-weight and streamline features of the product." 

"Particularly the ergonomic curving back attracted many CAMERICH R&D staff members to get a first-hand experience. Among so many different curves left over by them, one was selected to ensure the most comfortable experience. Obviously, MATE is the result of our unyielding persistence," said Mr. Xu Jicun, CAMERICH Sales Director and Milan Project Director.

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While MATE's aesthetic value is best reflected in its static state, another exhibit HONEY is to be appreciated dynamically. Curving, bright, lively and soft, it looks like a pea, or a candy, or an egg. Plump, streamlined, yet so cute. "We are determined to find the most suitable fabrics to highlight the cuteness of HONEY," said Wei Xinran, a young material researcher at CAMERICH, "After numerous attempts, we finally came up with this one made of recycled water bottles. It's not only environment-friendly, but also extraordinarily bright, soft, and resilient." 

Designing is by no means ungrounded imagination. Instead, it is deeply rooted in life itself. At CAMERICH, we believe that exciting life experience helps produce different designs. The passion and care injected in these designs are exactly what we try to convey in today's life and cultural contexts in China.

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