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Inspired by Desire

CAMERICH's unique collection brings style, comfort and harmony. Designed with clean, yet bold lines and with a strong emphasis on quality, our furniture and home accessories blend fine craftsmanship with vibrant aesthetics.

Our Story

Always in style 

We’d love to welcome you to the world of CAMERICH where lifestyle choices are inspired by desire. Our furniture and accessories are timeless, elegant, graceful, and distinctive. Most of all, our work exudes a sense of wellbeing and harmony that installs intrinsic peace to your environment. There’s simply no coming home quite as desirable as the one to CAMERICH designs.  CAMERICH is an internationally renowned brand with stores in the world’s leading style capitals. Committed to creating highly desirable contemporary essentials, we work with carefully chosen global designers to keep us ahead of industry trends.

Our Vision

Meaningful experiences

We aim to build authentically purposeful, powerful and long-lasting relationships with our valued clients, through exciting, enriching and elegant lifestyle experiences. Exclusively delivered by Gregoir Lifestyle BV across Benelux, France, and Germany, this ambitious collaboration with CAMERICH opens doors for a new height of quality and opportunity to create memorable experiences that elevate our customer’s lifestyles. Gregoir has led the European retail marketplace for over 30 years, and is now committed to delivering the same level of excellence and highly personalised experiences in the lifestyle segment.

Gregoir Ethos

Bravery first

CAMERICH is brought to you across the Benelux, Germany & France by Gregoir, a courageous team! Courage questions, shatters and awakens! Courage also defines our people: bold voices, fresh thinkers, daring dreamers and front-runners. It drives us forward to inspire tomorrow, creating a superior level of excellence. Like Gandhi, we believe that true love is the prerogative of the brave. And it’s through true love, that luxury is born.

Design collaborations

Axel Enthoven

Francesco Favaretto

Our Leaders

Bart Schelfhout

Bart Schelfhout

Francis Willems

Francis Willems

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