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Meet the designers

Meet the designers

Designed for Desire

CAMERICH is brought to you across Benelux, France & Germany by Gregoir Lifestyle, a courageous team! Courage questions, shatters and awakens! Courage also defines our people: bold voices, fresh thinkers, daring dreamers and front-runners.

It drives us forward to inspire tomorrow, creating a superior level of excellence. Here we present you some of the global designers, architects and artists who have designed iconic pieces for CAMERICH.

Meet CAMERICH Designers

The Favaretto&Partners believes in the guiding principle "Design for All". It specializes in designing and developing furniture, ornaments, medical equipment and office supplies.

The studio was founded by Paolo Favaretto in Padua, Italy, in 1973. For more than 40 years, the firm’s passion for research and rigorous design standards have set benchmarks for industrial and architectural designs. Reliability and proven competence have forged a distinguished reputation over the course of more than 500 design projects that have earned dozens of design awards.

Favaretto & Partners of Italy designed the SPIN Coffee & Dining Table, and the Wing Chair for CAMERICH. Explore our icons!

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